Muskeen Hussain

Muskeen Hussain has been a primary school practitioner since 2003 and has worked across Birmingham in a variety of roles. Formerly a Head of Maths and Science, he has enabled children from all age ranges achieve significant levels of success and has done this through his unique, inspirational and engaging teaching styles.

Being a qualified Foster Carer, he is acutely aware of the needs of young people from a variety of age ranges and backgrounds. Muskeen has also been a Learning Mentor for the BMC and was nationally recognised for his work in aiding and assisting vulnerable young people.

Since 2013 he has worked as a broadcast journalist for local station Unity FM covering issues affecting Birmingham and the wider community. Presenting and producing a blend of topical talk shows, children’s programmes and documentaries involving the plight of the homeless in Birmingham.

He is an acclaimed public speaker and a champion of charity raising money for local, national and international causes.

Ilyas Uddin

Who am I? It’s a question I ask myself daily. Am I a family man ? Am I a school teacher ? Am I an 80’s movie buff? Am I an ice-cream connoisseur ? I think the answer really depends on who is asking and why.

I’ve been in the teaching game for as long as I can remember. Right from the moment I stepped into a classroom as a nervous student on my teaching practice, to leading all core subjects, to being nominated as Teacher of the Year, to having my own office as an Assistant Head Teacher and being part of team that strategically turned around failing schools. There isn’t much that I haven’t seen or done. And it is with this wealth of knowledge and first hand experience, that I bring to you my vision of how to overcome this uncertainty that Covid-19 has deluged upon our youth. I am under no illusion that this is an easy task, but as the old saying goes “Difficult journeys often lead to beautiful destinations”.

So who am I? I’m someone that believes that a candle doesn’t lose any light by lighting another candle. That’s who I am.

Omar Hanif

Omar is a solicitor of 16 years’ experience. A specialist legal aid solicitor he has managed and worked on some of the most high profile criminal cases within the region including murder, people trafficking and high profile fraud. Outside of the legal Omar has been an extensive campaigner for BAME rights and civil liberties. Often making appearances on local radio, TV and in print discussing and championing BAME projects and issues. He received acclaimed for writing a producing the award winning documentary The Big Fast which focused on the UKs Muslim community during the fasting month Ramadan, which resulted in Omar winning a CTBF (Cinema & TV Benevolent Film) Award for his work. In late 2019 he curated Beyond the Blade – a series of films and talks challenging perceptions of knife crime and issues related to youth violence at the Midlands Arts Centre. The season was widely praised by attendees and youth workers.  He is also heavily involved with the Kashmiri Arts & Heritage Foundation which works with Birmingham City Council and other organisations to celebrate the arts, culture and heritage of the UK’s vibrant Kashmiri community.  The foundation also works to tackle inequality and deprivation.

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