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Selma in Small Heath

Hi, Both myself and my daughter are worried. She is in Year 11 and was meant to have sat her GCSE. This did not happen. She wants to carry on her education, but want to know what will happen with her results. Please help us to understand what is going on. Thank you.

Thank you for your question Selma. Please rest assured that there are lots of children who are in a similar situation as your daughter. The crux of what is happening is that school have been advised to use teacher assessment this year to grade the various GCSE’s. This will be an aggregate of the different grades award throughout the GCSE course. By taking an average, teachers will be able to determine what grade your child should achieve in theory.

Results will be made available on the 20th of August.

Some parents and children are worried that the grade given as the teacher assessment might not be a fair reflection on a child’s ability. The Government have promised that there will be an opportunity to sit the exam in the Autumn term. I hope that answers your question.

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